A century of forgetfulness and erasure has led to diminished public awareness of the Black string band tradition - and similarly diminished numbers of Black string bands. As of 2023, a new Black string band has risen to carry the torch: New Dangerfield.

New Dangerfield was originally conceptualized by award-winning banjoist Tray Wellington, who enlisted three other acclaimed Black roots musicians: multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Kaïa Kater, bassist Nelson Williams (Chris Jones & the Night Drivers), and fiddler and singer Jake Blount.

The members of New Dangerfield cut their teeth at fiddler’s conventions and folk festivals, and in the jazz bars of New Orleans. Community and tradition are the roots of their creative practice - but the branches have spread wide, and are yet unfolding. Embodying the innovative aspects of the Black string band tradition, Wellington, Kater, Williams and Blount are well-acquainted with the contemporary, the experimental, and the speculative. Deploying groove, technical skill and historical knowledge in the revolutionary spirit of their namesake, Dangerfield NewbyNew Dangerfield is on a mission to liberate the Black string band tradition.

Join the uprising.